About us

Your trusted partner for revealing innovation and patent licensing, litigation and transaction in high-tech electronic products.

Founded in 2002, Cellixsoft provides technical analysis & IP services for the world wide clients in semiconductors and electronic products. Cellixsoft can do technical analysis such as testing, process analysis, circuit analysis, competitive analysis, simulation and etc, and IP analysis such as evidence of use, patent product mapping, prior art searching, portfolio assessment, patent mining, patent writing and patent transaction.

Headquartered in Beijing China with Tianjin, Baoding, Taiyuan branches and partners all over the world.

  • 6 in-house state-of-the-art laboratories
  • 30+ software 5 sets self-developed EDA tools
  • 800+ employees 
  • 50,000+ database

Technical analysis

Process Analysiss

We do process analysis from the system to atomic level for all kinds of devices and electronic products, such as:

Advanced CMOS

The minimum process node we’ve done is 5nm FinFET.


Plan view and cross section for MEMS.


Hundreds of memory chips have been finished, such as DRAM, Flash and ROM .

Power transistors

Structural analysis and material analysis.


Image sensor, fingerprint sensor, pressure sensor and so on.


Analysis for LCD and OLED.

Circuit Analysis

We can also do circuit analysis for Silicon, SiGe, SOI, GaAs and so on, and the maximum metal layers we’ve analyzed is 16M, the minimum process node 5nm FinFET, and the maximum scale 3 billion transistors.


Get the schematics for SRAM, digital area and analog blocks for competitive analysis and evidence of use.


Do circuit analysis for wireless devices full analog or partially.


Get the schematics for DRAM and Flash full chip or partially.

Image Sensor

Analyze the high-volume imaging and emerging applications.

RF transceiver

Analyze the schematics for RF transceiver full analog or partially.

Power Management

Analyze the schematics for full analog or partially.

IP services

Our reports have been widely used by most of the successful semiconductor companies and first class law firms all over the world for litigation, defense and transaction.

Evidence of use

Get the evidence by technical analysis from the chip according to the claims.

Portfolio assessment

Provide the evidences to support your decisions about your portfolio.

Patent product mapping

Make the reports by studying the patents to match the products of the target companies.

Patent mining & writing

Provide technical support to make a scientific patent portfolio.
Write and apply for the patent.

Prior art searching

Use Cellixsoft’s database and experience to prior art searching.

Patent transaction

Provide technical support and evidence during the patent transaction.